Kuulokepidike pyykkipojista

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Tällänen miniaskartelu. Lopputuloksen hyödyllisyydestä en mee takuuseen mutta liimaa ja pyykkipoikia etsiessäni siivosin alakerran kellarikopin ja työkalulaatikkoja eli kannatti 100%.  Idea täältä.

Kuulokepidike pyykkipojista



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I decided to write this article in English, so if it doesn’t end up to be complete crap I can use it in other context as well.

I attendened IslandCQ -camp, wich was arranged near abanded military town Irbene, Latvia. There were about 70 attendeeds from different art/media schools in Europe. Theme of the camp was Power and Control. There were many different workshops and lectures about the subject.

That place was amazing! And the people ♥. But  it was also very cold at nights and a lot of moskitos. We also biked almost 20km every day. The camp lasted for 12 days.

Here’s some photos:

Latvia night at the campsite

From abandoned military town


I attended 3-day workshop called “Self Exposure”. We learned to use Arduino-platform.  There was some sensors we could connect to Arduino-board, for example temperature-, pulse- and bending-sensor. Then we sent a piece of code to that device to make it work like we wanted.

Assembled Arduino-board with blinking led-light

We made qroups and started to desing our own project. Me and my pair Ildikó decided to do make some kind of stop-motion animations that you could control using the bending-sensor, which was basicly a stick that you can bend and it sends values to the computer depending on how much you bend it. There was always a person in those animations, so user can feel that he/she controls that person.

Heres the video about the result:

Here is also mouse-controllable version, so you can try it:

Just move your mouse up and down above it. If it doesn’t appear above, try to open it from here:

To be able to control images, we had to get the values sent by Arduino to some other platform. At firs we thought we could use webpage as platform and control the images using javascript-code, but it is really hard or even imbossible to get those Arduino-values into Javascript variable.  In the end of the first day we gave up and started to download Adobe Flash -program.

To get Arduino-values to Flash was also little bit tricky but we made it thanks to AS3Glue-library!



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